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My work stems from an attraction and inclination toward the gestures of the occurring world and the motions of life as it transitions from shape to shape. Weaving in and out of literal and abstract translations of this force, I attempt to understand the world through the experience of making my own.


A recent body of work was an important milestone in the development of a language I’ve been trying to hone. This language is something that is at once the most personal and impersonal by virtue of its omnipresence. That body of work was called Lingua Franca, pointing towards the common and free language of all existing things from the subtle to the gross. Life not so much as the form it assumes, but as that which gives form.


As I’ve been making work, specific gestures and shapes began to repeat themselves and have concentrated into loose symbols which I use to delve into different experiential places: imagined landscapes external and internal, sculptural elements, and compositions that try to give form to the formless in a way that is fluid and vivid.


I rely on mark making, experimentation with materials and a sense of imediacy in making work. 



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